Program Sponsorship

Your company or non-profit group can join the dozens of area and regional organizations who support the arts, entertainment and 24-hour classical music programming on Discover Classical by becoming a Program Sponsor. By helping to underwrite the cost of programming, we recognize you on-air, publicizing you and your contribution to this community asset.


Can my business or non-profit organization sponsor programming on Discover Classical?

Yes! You can benefit your organization and the community through program support on Discover Classical. We would be happy to help you find the right programming fit to meet your goals and budget.

How does it work?

We work directly with you to assess your philanthropic and marketing strategies to create a customized plan just for your organization. A typical plan includes running scheduled announcements that promote your message along with opportunities to expand your visibility through special event and membership drive partnerships.

What are the benefits to being a Program Sponsor?

Many, aside from helping create a better community! You'll benefit by building brand awareness, something public media excels at. Studies show that our listeners are more likely to purchase the products and services of Program Sponsors than commercial radio listeners are to spend money with advertisers they hear. Sometimes overlooked is the fact that Discover Classical is a not-for-profit media entity; your marketing dollars may also count as a charitable donation and be tax deductible.

What can I say in my on-air message?

 We can say all the things about you that our listeners care about; who you are, what you do, how to reach you. We will help you craft a message that piques our listener's interest and meets public media guidelines.

How long are announcements?

Our listeners enjoy commercial-free radio – for that reason, your message is :20 seconds long. It keeps your message on-point, our listeners tuned in and your organization in a favorable light. They hear you as a supporter of Discover Classical, NOT an advertiser. You get the best of both worlds, marketing and philanthropic benefits.

Who are your current program sponsors?

Look to your right! We have a fantastic roster of current commercial and non-profit organizations that rely on Discover Classical to get the word out about whom they are and what they have to offer. We encourage our listeners to support those that support us – all program sponsors are provided a click-through web link on our site.  

Who will I reach? Who listens to Discover Classical?

We have tens of thousands unique listeners tuning in every week on the radio and through our 24-hour web and smart device stream. While we have supporters of all ages, the typical listener is a mature adult, married, has above average education, above average income, travels more and is heavily involved in community groups.

Sounds like a great audience, I'd like to learn more. How do I get started?

To learn more about Discover Classical and find out how your business or group and benefit through program sponsorship while promoting the arts in Greater Dayton, contact Linda Menz by phone at (937) 496-3850 or e-mail at