Sustaining Membership
  • Automatic Renewals
  • Always maintain a current membership
  • Installment option available

why choose a sustaining membership?

It is the most convenient membership possible for you! Renewals are automatic, and you’ll never worry about whether your membership is current again!  Make payments on a credit or debit card, or set up an electronic funds transfer.  Choose annual, quarterly, or monthly installments, and you may change your payment choices at any time.

More revenue goes directly towards the classical programming you love!  Because sustaining members receive less renewal mail, the station saves on printing, mailing, volunteer, and staff costs.  Less for you to mail, and less mail to receive!

Feel good that you are providing a consistent stream of support to the station! Discover Classical remains on air because listeners continue to support it financially.  When we can count on consistent support from you, we can redirect resources formerly used to acquire and retain members towards the music and programming you care about.  Sustaining memberships also enable the station to invest in technology and programming needs that will keep us relevant for years to follow!

Easily broken into monthly ongoing payments!  Give at the level you’ve always wanted to!  Continuous monthly payments make it easy to comfortably fit your membership into your monthly budget!

Choose the Sustaining Membership option when you make your gift!