Linda Menz

Linda Menz
Director of Underwriting

Phone: (937) 496-3850, ext. 3014

Warren, Ohio – and yes, I knew Paul Warfield in high school.

What I Can Do for You:
I am the Director of Underwriting here at the station and can work with you to design an underwriting plan that helps your company or organization reach its philanthropic and marketing goals, while supporting the region's only 24-hour classical music station (AND stay within your budget!).

Five Things You May Not Know About Me:

  1. I began piano lessons at age 4 and majored in piano during college.
  2. During high school and college, I played with several local jazz bands on the weekends, played guitar and sang folk/protest songs, and played piano for 3 separate dancing schools.
  3. My grandfather was the leader of a swing band and operated a place called the Buckeye, where people could pay 25 cents for admission, and spend the entire evening dancing to a live band, with singers!
  4. Before becoming an employee of Discover Classical, I served on the Board of Directors, and was Board Chair several years ago.  Can you guess - I love this station!
  5. I love college basketball!  It is the only thing that makes March bearable.

One Thing You May Know About Me:
My children are my proudest achievements – and now, their children are bringing joy to all they meet.  Alexander, Thomas, Maggie May, Leighton and Otto are total happiness.