Laurie Sylvester

Laurie Sylvester

laurie sylvester, membership associate

Hometowns (s): El Segundo CA, Dayton, OH

What I do: As membership associate I work with Helena Shafer to ensure the accuracy of your donation records and to make sure you get your renewals and thank yous in a timely manner.

5 Things You May Not Know About Me:

  1. I love Boyd's bears and use them as seasonal decorations. I especially like the patriotic bears.
  2. I direct music at church and have directed small choirs and women's choruses. I love to sing (alto) and enjoy getting out with my family and friends to sing karaoke. (I do a wicked Patsy Cline)
  3. I am an avid Sci-Fi/Fantasy reader
  4. I trained Girl Scout leaders in outdoor camping and can cook amazing stuff on a campfire.
  5. I have a son who makes his living singing.


One Thing You May Know About Me: I have 7 kids and 22 grandkids and am an obnoxiously proud mama/gramma.