Dick Hattershire

Dick Hattershire

dick hattershire, chairman of the board of trustees

Hometown: Crystal City, MO (small, south of St. Louis) and now Beavercreek

What I do: My day job is helping my company win business, but I’m blessed to be Chairman of the Board for Discover Classical 88.1 & 89.9FM.

Five Things You May Not Know About Me:

  1. I’ve played golf for 61 years with no hole-in-one, but I have had something more rare: a double eagle
  2. My first time on the radio was in 1955 with my rock and roll band
  3. I’ve landed the Space Shuttle…………..in a NASA flight simulator
  4. I’m one of the founders of the Bach Society of Dayton, and a singer
  5. I can hambone……….with both hands….sometimes


One Thing You May Know About Me:

I am passionate about this radio station, both for what it is and for what it represents. 24-hour classical radio stations are rare, and for that reason alone WDPR/WDPG plays a critical role within the total fabric of the Dayton Arts Community; what it represents, however, is the generosity and consistent support of the Dayton area community members for the extraordinary value it brings to their daily lives – without that, the station could not exist.