Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry 2

Chuck Berry, Announcer

Hometown:  Dayton, Ohio

What I Do:  After retiring in 2006 from a 30+ year career in the telephone directory advertising field, I now live a life of leisure pursuing my interest in traveling, bike riding, being involved in Dayton's philanthropic community and pursuing my love and passion of local public/community radio.

Five Things You May Not Know About Me:

1.  The Beethoven stein is one of the things I picked up during a trip to England.
2.  I love to bike ride (especially on our many bicycle trails, where you will oftentimes catch me doing leisurely evening/weekend bike rides while listening to our very own Discover Classical 88.1). 
3.  My passion for radio began after inheriting my mom's clock radio in 1961.  Since acquiring that radio, I started listening to her old clock radio every chance I got (often times keeping the radio on all night long, much to my family's displeasure at times).
4.  Though my oldest brother and my parents were Classical music listeners and would frequently play Classical music in our home, my appreciation for Classical music really didn't begin until I attended my first Classical music concert in New York City (while celebrating my oldest brother's birthday in 1984).  
5.  With my lifelong passion of radio along with my acquired interest in Classical music, my involvement in Dayton Public Radio became the perfect fit for me, by first joining the air staff on Sunday evening Memorial Day weekend 1994.  You can now hear me on Monday evening's from 7 - 10 p.m.  In addition to my on air duties, I was also asked to serve on Dayton Public Radio's board of trustees in 1995 and have served continuously in that role since 1995.  

One Thing You May Not Know about Me:  Because I was born on Abraham Lincoln's birthday (February 12) I was originally given the nick name of little Abe.  Later on I adopted the nickname of Chuck Berry (after that famous 1950's rock and roll singer).  Believe it or not, there are some people out there that refer to Chuck Berry's music as great oldies music, but you and I both know where the truly great oldies music resides--on Discover Classical 88.1, of course!