RIchard Hulsman

Richard Hulsman


Richard Hulsman, Weekend Host

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio. Grew up in Beavercreek. Moved to Kettering my Junior year in high school. Graduated from Fairmont. No West or East, just Fairmont.

What I Do: I present the music to the listener. I want them to know something more about the selection than they did before.

Five Things You May Not Know About Me:
1. Fifty years ago I played in The Ohio State University Marching Band. I was in the band for four years. I still play actively in the Alumni Band, TBDBITL.
2. For five years, I played in the NCR Band, under the direction of Clark Haines.
3. For nine years, I played in the Miami Valley Symphony under the direction of Charles Wendelken-Wilson.
4. I write, produce and deliver the Young People's Concert Preview programs for the Dayton Philharmonic Volunteer Association. Each year, these programs reach over 9,000 students, many of whom are being exposed to orchestra classical music for the first time.
5. I am on a quest to find, recover, and restore every recording made by the Ohio State Marching Band. Ever. To date, this project has recovered over 80 CD's of material, spanning from 1915 to the present. And the search goes on...

One Thing You May Know About Me:
I have been married to Shari for nearly 50 years. (47 to be more precise.) We have three sons, and seven grandchildren, who we are fortunate enough to see on a regular basis. Life has been very good to me.