The Score


The Score is a weekly celebration of symphonic music in film, and a fascinating guided tour through America's best-loved art form. It includes timely box office tie-ins and enticing weekly themes. Host Edmund Stone is a classically trained Shakespearean actor whose background includes a variety of stage and screen roles.


A Conversation with James Newton Howard: This week on The Score, join Edmund Stone for a conversation with award-winning composer James Newton Howard. From his work with M. Night Shyamalan with The Sixth Sense, to Maleficent and The Hunger Games: Songs and Snakes, the composer has created some of the most original film scores in the industry.



The Edmunds, Round Two: It's the film awards you WISH they would have: The Edmunds! It's all for fun and fun for all with award categories including Worst Monster Make Up, Best Maniacal Laugh, Absolutely Awful Movie Sequels and more, created, hosted and produced by -- you guessed it -- Edmund Stone.



Academy Awards: It's Hollywood's biggest night and Edmund Stone is rolling out the red carpet for a show filled with music from the candidates for best score in the year's Academy Awards. Will it be the biopic Oppenheimer? The sci-fi tale Poor Things? Marvel's Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse, or perhaps Barbie. We'll hear from all five Best Score nominees.