Early Music Now

Sundays @ 4pm

Early Music Now
is a one-hour program showcasing music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and early Baroque: from sonorous medieval chant and polyphony to delightful renaissance madrigals, dances, and consort music to magnificent baroque cantatas and keyboard music. Host Sara Schneider brings knowledge, charm, and passion to her presentation of seven hundred years of music history. From the latest recordings by today’s vibrant young ensembles, to classics from the dawn of the early music revival, Early Music Now makes this repertoire accessible and enjoyable to a wide audience.


The Musical World of Albrecht Durer:  Musical depictions are found in the works of Renaissance artist, Albrecht Durer, including lute-playing angels, and trumpets and drums in the Emperor's prayerbook.  On today’s program we will hear some of the music he might have encountered on his journeys to Italy and the Low Countries.


Requiem Aeternam:  In honor of Memorial Day, we will hear a performance of Heinrich Biber's Requiem. This2021 release features Vox Luminis and the Freiburg Baroque Consort, directed by Lionel Meunier.


Corpus Christi:  Music for the Eucharist is the focus of this week's show, including Girolamo Frescobaldi's Toccata per Elevatione, Jesus Christus, nostra salus, by Heinrich Finck, and O Sacrum Convivium by Dominique Phinot. Our performers include the Brabant Ensemble, Copenhagen Cornetts and Sackbutts, and organist Liuwe Tamminga.


Becker and Co.:  Composer Dietrich Becker was active in Hamburg in the middle of the seventeenth century. Today we'll hear some of his sacred concertos and sonatas performed by Hamburger Ratsmusik, with music by his contemporaries including Johann Schop and Matthias Weckmann.


The Splendor of Florence:  A new release called The Splendor of Florence includes The Gothic Voices, who specialize in medieval and Renaissance music.  Today we will hear this ensemble and harpist Andrew Lawrence-King perform music by Dufay, Compere, Ockeghem and others.


Farewell to the Orlando Consort:  The Orlando Consort is disbanding this month after 35 years of sublime musicianship. This week's show celebrates their legacy with selections from their many recordings, including music by Loyset Compere, Guillaume de Machaut, John Dunstaple and more.


Celebrating William Byrd:  One of the greatest composers of the English Renaissance was William Byrd.  On this week's show we'll hear performances of his music by Voces8, Stile Antico and organist Leon Berben.


Missa Maria Zart:  Jacob Obrecht's Missa Maria Zart is an example of "a certain wonderful majesty" of his music.  On this week's show we will hear a resent release from Cappella Pratensis performing this masterpiece.


Medieval History Tour:  On today's program we will hear examples of medieval music that include polyphony from the Notre Dame school, Ars Nova, Ars Subtilior and songs by Troubadours and Minnesangers.  The performers are Diabolus in Musica, The Orlando Consort and Andreas Scholl.


From Italy to Ireland:  On today's program we'll hear music for cornetto and keyboard from a 2023 release by Italian duo Seicento Stravagante.  We'll hear selections from Geminiani and the Celtic Earth, a 2017 recording from Les Basses Reunies.


A Bavarian Anniversary:  Today's program includes works by composers who worked in Munch around 1523, such as Conrad Paumann, Ludwig Daser, Orlando di Lasso and Johann Caspar Kerll.