American Landscapes

Sundays @ 6PM

American Landscapes is a weekly sampling of the best of American music, hosted by Michael Campion. You'll hear works by composers such as Aaron Copland, Samuel Barber, George Gershwin, Leonard Bernstein, Edward MacDowell, George Chadwick and many others. The program presents familiar music that never gets old, music to get reacquainted with and music that you'll be hearing for the first time.


George Whitefield Chadwick:   String Quartet No. 4 - III.
Alan Hovhaness:   Four Bagatelles
John Alden Carpenter:  String Quartet - III.
George Gershwin:  Lullaby
George Antheil:  String Quartet No. 3 - I.
Arthur Foote:  String Quartet No. 3 - III.
Mark O'Connor:  String Quartet No. 3 - IV.


Howard Hanson:  Suite from Merry Mount
Howard Hanson:  Serenade for Flute, Harp and Strings
Howard Hanson:  Mosaics
Howard Hanson:  Piano Concerto - I.
Howard Hanson:  Symphony No. 4 - IV.
Howard Hanson:  For the First Time - I. Bells


William Henry Humiston:  A Southern Fantasy
Arthur Foote: A Song of Sleep
Arthur Bird:  Valse Menuett
George W. Chadwick: The Frogs
Carl Busch: Omaha Indian Love Song
Edward Macdowell:   Fireside Tales
Louis Moreau Gottschalk:  Marcha Triunfal


George W. Chadwick:  Jubilee from Symphonic Sketches
Amy Beach:  Valse Caprice, Op. 4
Paul T. Miersch:  Cradle Song
John Knowles Paine:  Violin Sonata, Op. 24
American Romantics: Elegie, Op. 30
Edgar Stillman Kelley: Polonaise, Op. 35
Felix Borowski: Suite Rococo - I. and III.
Louis Moreau Gottschalk:  The Union


Ludwig Bonvin:  Festival Procession
Henry Holden Huss:  Valse No. 1
Bernardus Boeckelman:  In Solitude
Charles Ives:  String Quartet No. 1 - III. and IV.
Frederick Shepherd Converse:  Serenade
Edward MacDowell:  Selections from New England Idylls, Op. 62
Horatio Parker:  Scherzo for Strings


David Stanley Smith:  Prince Hal, an Overture
George W. Chadwick: Three Children’s Pieces
Felix Borowski: Two Pieces
Amy Beach:  Violin Sonata
Edgar Stillman Kelley:  Confluentia
Homer Grunn:  Desert Suite
Ethelbert Nevin: La Guitare