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Wednesday, November 15, 2023
11:52:00 PM
Broken Consort in C
Composer: Locke, Matthew
Performers: Palladian Ensemble
Label: Honest Linn Records
Length: 7.18 min

11:41:00 PM
Idylle Op14 No1
Composer: Glazunov, Alexander
Performers: Horia Andreescu c, Romanian State Orchestra
Label: Marco Polo
Length: 9.22 min

11:22:00 PM
Serenade Op 82
Composer: Giuliani, Mauro
Performers: Nora Shulman fl, Norbert Kraft gtr
Label: Naxos
Length: 18.15 min

11:05:00 PM
Symphony No 2 Op132 "Mysterious Mountain"
Composer: Hovhaness, Alan
Performers: Jesus Lopez-Cobos c, Cincinnati Symphony
Label: Telarc
Length: 15.54 min

11:00:00 PM
O sacrum convivium
Composer: Tallis, Thomas
Performers: Harry Christophers c, The Sixteen
Label: Chandos
Length: 4.23 min

10:51:00 PM
Nocturne No 4 in E flat Op36
Composer: Faure, Gabriel
Performers: Paul Crossley p
Label: CRD
Length: 7.31 min

10:40:00 PM
A Spring Garland Op84
Composer: Gibbs, Armstrong
Performers: Robert Salter c, Guildhall Strings
Label: Hyperion
Length: 6.42 min

10:05:00 PM
Serenade K185 in D
Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Performers: Neville Marriner c, Academy of St Martin in the Fields
Label: Philips
Length: 34.34 min

10:00:00 PM
Intermezzo Op117 No2 in B flat minor
Composer: Brahms, Johannes
Performers: Lilya Zilberstein p
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 3.56 min

8:00:00 PM
Pittsburgh Symphony
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Length: 119 min

6:00:00 PM
Performance Today
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Length: 119 min

5:53:00 PM
Marche Militaire Op51 No1 in D
Composer: Schubert, Franz
Performers: Budapest Strings
Label: Classic Edition
Length: 5.08 min

5:37:00 PM
Flute Sonata in D minor
Composer: Handel, George Frideric
Performers: Michala Petri rec, Keith Jarrett hpsi
Label: RCA
Length: 15.16 min

5:18:00 PM
En Saga Op9
Composer: Sibelius, Jean
Performers: Yoel Levi c, Atlanta Symphony
Label: Telarc
Length: 17.47 min

5:06:00 PM
Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
Composer: Debussy, Claude
Performers: Jean Martinon c, Orchestre National de lORFT
Label: Philips
Length: 10.37 min

5:00:00 PM
L Angiolina Overture
Composer: Salieri, Antonio
Performers: Michael Dittrich c, Slovak Radio Orchestra
Label: Naxos
Length: 5.03 min

4:49:00 PM
Essay No 1 Op12
Composer: Barber, Samuel
Performers: Leonard Slatkin c, St Louis Symphony
Label: EMI
Length: 9.18 min

4:43:00 PM
Prelude and Allegro
Composer: Kreisler, Fritz
Performers: Itzhak Perlman v, Samuel Sanders p
Label: EMI
Length: 5.19 min

4:30:00 PM
Symphony No 16 in C K128
Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Performers: Charles Mackerras c, Prague Chamber Orchestra
Label: Telarc
Length: 11.17 min

4:15:00 PM
Ma Vlast: No1 Vysehrad
Composer: Smetana, Bedrich
Performers: Antal Dorati c, Concertgebouw Orchestra
Label: Philips
Length: 13.32 min

4:00:00 PM
Viola Concerto in G
Composer: Telemann, Georg Philipp
Performers: David Miller vla, Philomel Baroque Orchestra
Label: Centaur
Length: 13.5 min

3:54:00 PM
Keyboard Sonata No 89 in F
Composer: Soler, Antonio
Performers: Levon Avagyan p
Label: Naxos
Length: 4.25 min

3:41:00 PM
Semiramide Overture
Composer: Rossini, Gioacchino
Performers: Riccardo Muti c, Philharmonia Orchestra
Label: EMI
Length: 11.36 min

3:24:00 PM
Caprice No 1 "Villiers-Cotterets"
Composer: Lalande, Michel-Richard de
Performers: Jean-Pierre Wallez c, Ensemble Orchestral de Paris
Label: EMI
Length: 16.09 min

3:17:00 PM
Liebesfreud (Kreisler)
Composer: Rachmaninov, Sergei
Performers: Vladimir Ashkenazy p
Label: Decca
Length: 5.42 min

3:00:00 PM
Age of Gold Suite Op22a
Composer: Shostakovich, Dmitri
Performers: Neeme Jaervi c, Gothenburg Symphony
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 16.01 min

2:45:00 PM
Capriccio Sinfonico
Composer: Puccini, Giacomo
Performers: Riccardo Muti c, La Scala Philharmonic
Label: Sony
Length: 13.08 min

2:34:00 PM
Oboe Concerto F.VII No11 in C
Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
Performers: Alex Klein ob, Anthony Newman c, New Brandenburg Collegium
Label: Cedille
Length: 10.07 min

2:08:00 PM
Sinfonietta Op60
Composer: Janacek, Leos
Performers: Charles Mackerras c, Vienna Philharmonic
Label: London
Length: 24.16 min

2:00:00 PM
String Quartet No 3 in C
Composer: Saint-Georges, Chevalier de
Performers: Arabella Quartet
Label: Naxos
Length: 7.22 min

1:55:00 PM
Fugue BWV 578 in G minor "Little"
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Performers: Boulder Brass
Label: Dorian
Length: 3.28 min

1:29:00 PM
Somerset Rhapsody Op21 No2
Composer: Holst, Gustav
Performers: Richard Hickox c, London Symphony
Label: Chandos
Length: 9.23 min

1:00:00 PM
Peer Gynt Suite No 2 Op55
Composer: Grieg, Edvard
Performers: Raymond Leppard c, English Chamber Orchestra
Label: Philips
Length: 16.58 min

12:42:00 PM
Symphony in E flat Op11 No3
Composer: Stamitz, Jan Vaclav
Performers: Donald Armstrong c, New Zealand Chamber Orchestra
Label: Naxos
Length: 16.5 min

12:30:00 PM
Sonatas Op5: No 5 in G minor
Composer: Corelli, Arcangelo
Performers: Trio Sonnerie
Label: Virgin
Length: 10.07 min

12:12:00 PM
Mother Goose Suite
Composer: Ravel, Maurice
Performers: Yannick Nezet-Seguin c, Rotterdam Philharmonic
Label: EMI
Length: 17.01 min

12:03:00 PM
Capriccio in B flat minor Op33 No3
Composer: Mendelssohn, Felix
Performers: Shiyun Lee p
Label: Dynamic
Length: 7.55 min

11:51:00 AM
Concerti Op7: No11 in C
Composer: Albinoni, Tomaso
Performers: Heinz Holliger ob, Maurice Bourgue ob, I Musici
Label: Philips
Length: 7.52 min

11:25:00 AM
String Quartet No 12 in F Op96 "American"
Composer: Dvorak, Antonin
Performers: Cleveland String Quartet
Label: Telarc
Length: 25.07 min

11:16:00 AM
Pieces in the Old Style (3)
Composer: Gorecki, Henryk
Performers: Rudolf Werthen c, Orchestra of Flanders
Label: Telarc
Length: 8.11 min

11:00:00 AM
Piano Sonata Op23 No3 in E flat
Composer: Clementi, Muzio
Performers: Donatella Failoni p
Label: White Label
Length: 14.33 min

10:53:00 AM
Zais Overture
Composer: Rameau, Jean-Philippe
Performers: Christophe Rousset c, Les Talens Lyriques
Label: LOiseau-Lyre
Length: 5.15 min

10:00:00 AM
Alpine Symphony Op64
Composer: Strauss, Richard
Performers: Herbert Blomstedt c, San Francisco Symphony
Label: London
Length: 52.26 min

9:51:00 AM
Scottish Dances
Composer: Alwyn, William
Performers: Gavin Sutherland c, Royal Ballet Sinfonia
Label: ASV
Length: 7.47 min

9:23:00 AM
Clarinet Concerto in A K622
Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Performers: Sabine Meyer cl, Claudio Abbado c, Berlin Philharmonic
Label: EMI
Length: 26.32 min

9:14:00 AM
Mazurka Op19
Composer: Liadov, Anatoly
Performers: Stephen Gunzenhauser c, Slovak Philharmonic
Label: Naxos
Length: 7.26 min

9:00:00 AM
King Arthur Suite
Composer: Purcell, Henry
Performers: Thomas McIntosh c, The City of London Chamber Orchestra
Label: Vox Allegretto
Length: 13.25 min

8:55:00 AM
Preludes Op32: No 5 in G
Composer: Rachmaninov, Sergei
Performers: Idil Biret p
Label: Naxos
Length: 3.2 min

8:35:00 AM
Symphony No 6 in D "Morning"
Composer: Haydn, Joseph
Performers: Eiji Hashimoto c, Ensemble for Eighteenth Century Music
Label: Centaur
Length: 18.57 min

8:21:00 AM
Composer: Villa-Lobos, Heitor
Performers: Roberto Duarte c, Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony
Label: Marco Polo
Length: 13 min

8:08:00 AM
Brandenburg Concerto No 3 in G BWV1048
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Performers: Jordi Savall c, Le Concert des Nations
Label: Astree
Length: 11.04 min

8:00:00 AM
Overture in C D590 "In the Italian Style"
Composer: Schubert, Franz
Performers: Raymond Leppard c, Indianapolis Symphony
Label: Koss
Length: 6.43 min

7:55:00 AM
Polonesi concertanti Op137: No3
Composer: Giuliani, Mauro
Performers: Jeffrey McFadden g, Michael Kolk g
Label: Naxos
Length: 4.2 min

7:42:00 AM
Tales from the Vienna Woods Op325
Composer: Strauss, Johann Jr
Performers: Riccardo Muti c, VIenna Philharmonic
Label: Sony
Length: 12.29 min

7:27:00 AM
Suite No 11 in D minor
Composer: Handel, George Frideric
Performers: Andrei Gavrilov p
Label: EMI
Length: 13.52 min

7:11:00 AM
Music for Movies
Composer: Copland, Aaron
Performers: Leonard Slatkin c, St Louis Symphony
Label: RCA
Length: 15.25 min

7:01:00 AM
Le Roi Malgre Lui: Fete Polonaise
Composer: Chabrier, Emmanuel
Performers: Herve Niquet c, Monte-Carlo Philharmonic
Label: Naxos
Length: 7.53 min

6:56:00 AM
Sacrae Symphoniae: Canzon per Sonar Primi Toni No 1
Composer: Gabrieli, Giovanni
Performers: National Brass Enesmble
Label: Oberlin Music
Length: 3.24 min

6:44:00 AM
Variations on "Ein Madchen oder Weibchen" Op66
Composer: Beethoven, Ludwig von
Performers: Yo-Yo Ma vc, Emanuel Ax p
Label: CBS
Length: 11.14 min

6:24:00 AM
On an Overgrown Path
Composer: Janacek, Leos
Performers: Gregory Rose c, London Jupiter Orchestra
Label: Chandos
Length: 18.25 min

6:12:00 AM
Bassoon Concerto RV481 in D minor
Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
Performers: Michael McCraw bsn, Ingrid Matthews c, Seattle Baroque
Label: Centaur
Length: 11.08 min

6:01:00 AM
Poet and Peasant Overture
Composer: Suppe, Franz von
Performers: Neville Marriner c, Academy of St Martin in the Fields
Label: EMI
Length: 9.4 min

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