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Wednesday, January 25, 2023
11:50:00 PM
Introduction and Variations on a Theme of Mozart Op9
Composer: Sor, Fernando
Performers: Goran Krivokapic gtr
Label: Naxos
Length: 8.27 min

11:23:00 PM
String Quartet in E minor Op121
Composer: Faure, Gabriel
Performers: Ad Libitum String Quartet
Label: Naxos
Length: 25.15 min

11:07:00 PM
Summers Tale: No5 Night
Composer: Suk, Josef
Performers: Libor Pesek c, Liverpool Philharmonic
Label: Virgin
Length: 14.52 min

11:00:00 PM
Sonata K381 in E
Composer: Scarlatti, Domenico
Performers: Susan Miron hp
Label: Centaur
Length: 6.33 min

10:20:00 PM
Cosi fan tutti Suite (9)
Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Performers: Robert Johnson c, New York Philomusica
Label: VoxBox
Length: 26.45 min

10:04:00 PM
Sonata No 1 in B minor (5)
Composer: Schenck, Johannes
Performers: Susie Napper vdg, Margaret Little vdg
Label: Naxos
Length: 14.5 min

10:00:00 PM
Songs without Words Op 67: No6 in E "Lullaby"
Composer: Mendelssohn, Felix
Performers: Ilse von Alpenheim p
Label: Philips
Length: 3 min

8:00:00 PM
Pittsburgh Symphony
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Length: 119 min

6:00:00 PM
Performance Today
View Performance Today Playlist
Length: 119 min

5:54:00 PM
Hungarian Rhapsody No 4
Composer: Liszt, Franz
Performers: Misha Dichter p
Label: Philips
Length: 4.33 min

5:35:00 PM
Threepenny Opera: Brass Suite
Composer: Weill, Kurt
Performers: tenThing Brass Enesmble
Label: EMI
Length: 16.56 min

5:21:00 PM
Illustrationen (Waltz) Op331
Composer: Strauss, Johann Jr
Performers: Johannes Wildner c, Czecho-Slovak State Philharmonic
Label: Marco Polo
Length: 13.21 min

5:07:00 PM
Lute Concerto RV93 in D
Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
Performers: Seattle Baroque
Label: Centaur
Length: 12.06 min

5:00:00 PM
Wind Quintet No 1 in D
Composer: Myslivecek, Josef
Performers: Carin van Heerden c, LOrfeo Wind Ensemble
Label: CPO
Length: 6.4 min

4:48:00 PM
Cummington Story Suite
Composer: Copland, Aaron
Performers: Jonathan Sheffer c, Eos Orchestra
Label: Telarc
Length: 9.55 min

4:42:00 PM
"Ave Maria" D839
Composer: Schubert, Franz
Performers: Joshua Bell v, Michael Stern c, Orchestra of St Lukes
Label: Sony
Length: 4.38 min

4:30:00 PM
Symphony Wq178 in E minor
Composer: Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
Performers: Hartmut Haenchen c, CPE Bach Chamber Orchestra
Label: Capriccio
Length: 11.21 min

4:18:00 PM
Partita No 2 in G K320 (4)
Composer: Fux, Johann Joseph
Performers: Rene Clemencic c, Clemencic Consort
Label: Oehms
Length: 10.3 min

4:00:00 PM
Faust: Ballet (7)
Composer: Gounod, Charles
Performers: Seiji Ozawa c, Boston Symphony
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 16.45 min

3:52:00 PM
Creatures of Prometheus: No16 Finale: Allegretto - Allegro molto
Composer: Beethoven, Ludwig van
Performers: Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 6.28 min

3:36:00 PM
Suite for Violin and Piano
Composer: Still, William Grant
Performers: Randall Goosby v, Zhu Wang p
Label: Decca
Length: 14.14 min

3:16:00 PM
Wood Dove Op110
Composer: Dvorak, Antonin
Performers: Zubin Mehta c, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Label: Decca Eloquence
Length: 19 min

3:09:00 PM
Capriccio in D
Composer: Boehm, Georg
Performers: Rinaldo Alessandrini hpsi
Label: Astree
Length: 5.33 min

3:00:00 PM
Cinderella Overture
Composer: Rossini, Gioacchino
Performers: Carlo Maria Giulini c, Philharmonia Orchestra
Label: EMI Great Artists
Length: 8.34 min

2:54:00 PM
Mazurkas Op25: No5 in C sharp minor
Composer: Scriabin, Alexander
Performers: Peter Jablonski p
Label: Ondine
Length: 4.04 min

2:37:00 PM
Brigg Fair
Composer: Delius, Frederick
Performers: Charles Mackerras c, Welsh Opera Orchestra
Label: Decca
Length: 16.2 min

2:06:00 PM
Concerto for Flute and Harp in C K299
Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Performers: James Galway fl, Marisa Robles hp, Michael Tilson Thomas c, London Symphony
Label: RCA
Length: 29.48 min

2:00:00 PM
Ludi Musici: Canzon Cantus XXIX
Composer: Scheidt, Samuel
Performers: Jordi Savall c, Hesperion XX
Label: Auvidis
Length: 4.56 min

1:55:00 PM
Summertime from Porgy and Bess
Composer: Gershwin, George
Performers: Rachel Barton Pine., Vln., Matthew Hagle, p
Label: Cedille
Length: 3.45 min

1:27:00 PM
Symphony No 47 in G
Composer: Haydn, Joseph
Performers: Roy Goodman c, The Hanover Band
Label: Hyperion
Length: 26.37 min

1:13:00 PM
Parsifal: Prelude
Composer: Wagner, Richard
Performers: Fabio Luisi c, Philharmonia Zurich
Label: philharmonia.rec
Length: 12.15 min

1:00:00 PM
Sonata Op5 No5
Composer: Corelli, Arcangelo
Performers: Alexanter Woods v, Ezra Seltzer vc, Avi Stein hpsi
Label: Acis
Length: 12.01 min

12:45:00 PM
Ma Vlast (My Country): No 4 From Bohemia s Woods and Fields
Composer: Smetana, Bedrich
Performers: Marek Stilec c, Hradec Kralove Philharmonic
Label: ArcoDiva
Length: 13.33 min

12:26:00 PM
Variations on "Follia di Spagna"
Composer: Salieri, Antonio
Performers: Matthias Bamert c, London Mozart Players
Label: Chandos
Length: 17.47 min

12:11:00 PM
Concerto for Oboe and Violin BWV1060
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Performers: Emily Pailthorpe ob, London Conchord Ensemble
Label: Champs Hill
Length: 14.16 min

12:03:00 PM
Resonances (4)
Composer: Malipiero, Gian Francesco
Performers: Sanna Vaarni p
Label: Stradivarius
Length: 6.34 min

11:56:00 AM
Composer: Joplin, Scott
Performers: Gunther Schuller c, New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble
Label: EMI
Length: 3.47 min

11:15:00 AM
Symphony No 4 in E minor Op98
Composer: Brahms, Johannes
Performers: Charles Mackerras c, Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Label: Telarc
Length: 38.51 min

11:08:00 AM
"Kyrie eleison"
Composer: Gabrieli, Giovanni
Performers: Elmer Iseler c, Canadian Brass, Brass of New York Philharmonic and Philadelphia Orchestra
Label: Philips
Length: 6.08 min

11:00:00 AM
Lapparenza inganna Overture
Composer: Cimarosa, Domenico
Performers: Patrick Gallois c, Czech Chamber Philharmonic
Label: Naxos
Length: 6.37 min

10:54:00 AM
Composer: Debussy, Claude
Performers: Julian Bream gtr, John Williams gtr
Label: RCA
Length: 4.4 min

10:00:00 AM
Romeo and Juliet Suite
Composer: Berlioz, Hector
Performers: Carlo Maria Giulini c, Chicago Symphony
Label: EMI
Length: 52.48 min

12AM - 6:00:00 AM
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