Underwriting |
(Corporate Support)

What is Underwriting?

Underwriting is the name the FCC has given to announcements acknowledging public radio's supporters from the business community. Although listener contributions remain the single largest source of Discover Classical’s funding, they do not provide enough funds to cover all the expenses of running a radio station….so your underwriting support does make a difference!

Underwriting “credits”

While the commercial "breaks” on radio have become longer and longer, underwriting announcements are limited to 20 seconds, and there are never more than six local "credits" per hour - that's two minutes per hour as compared to 10 minutes or more of ads often heard per hour on commercial stations.

Underwriting Outreach

Underwriting is the most effective way to create an on-air presence, underwriting enables your organization to reach Discover Classical listeners and discoverclassical.org visitors regularly. Your 20-second message airs on Discover Classical 88.1 and 89.9 as well as online. It may include information about your company's products or services and may include a web address, street address or phone number. Schedule length and number of announcements reflect level of financial commitment and placement of the messages. Run of schedule placement is Monday-Sunday 6am-8pm. Narrowed times of day and even specific programs may be requested at a premium. All schedules are subject to availability. Please contact Nick Wilson (nickw@dpr.org) at Discover Classical for more information.

Special Event Sponsorships

When Discover Classical hosts events throughout the community, the station's listeners and supporters enjoy an opportunity to meet and greet each other and Discover Classical personalities. Your organization can capitalize on this goodwill by underwriting Discover Classical special events, such as our annual Young Talent Search. Sponsorships generally run $500 to $5,000 and offer multi-platform promotional exposure.

Pledge Drive Matching Grants

Your organization or business may challenge Discover Classical 88.1 listeners to support the station during its twice annual pledge drives by providing Matching Grants to air during selected hours. Your company will generate corporate goodwill as it gives back to the community.

Support Our Underwriters!

Both the for-profit and non-profit organizations whose messages you hear are critical to our mission at Discover Classical. We encourage you to patronize them when you need the products and services they provide.

Questions? Call Nick Wilson @ 937 361 4377 or email at nickw@dpr.org