Something Old, Something New
With Mark Hofeldt
Saturdays @ 7PM and
Sundays @ 2PM


SATURDAY: We bid 2016 adieu on tonight's New Year's Eve program featuring final symphonies by Boyce, Haydn, Bruckner and Shostakovich.


SUNDAY: On today's program, we usher in 2017 with first compositions of various sorts by Bach, Beethoven, Bartok and others.


January is piano month on Something Old, Something New, and we will explore the evolution of keyboard music starting with early compositions for the piano's predecessors by Renaissance, Baroque and early Classical masters ranging from Gibbons to Mozart.


We continue our survey of piano music this month with compositions straddling the Classical and Romantic eras by two titans of the early nineteenth century:  Beethoven and Schubert.


Piano music of Romantic era composers Mendelssohn, Chopin, Liszt, Schumann and Brahms is featured on this third installment in our exploration of keyboard music through the centuries.


Our January journey through the piano repertoire concludes with music of French impressionists, Russian neoclassicists, and a potpourri of other twentieth-century composers from both sides of the pond.