Something Old, Something New
With Mark Hofeldt
Saturdays @ 7PM and
Sundays @ 2PM


It's music of the night this week with nocturnal compositions by Mozart, Mahler, Mussorgsky and others.


We continue our perusal of music of the night with nocturnal music from the Iberian Peninsula by French and Spanish composers through the ages.


This week we launch a five-week exploration of music for the violin with early Baroque masterpieces for the instrument by Biber, LeClair, Corelli and others.


We continue our five-program exploration of music for the violin with masterpieces by the Three Bs: Bach, Beethoven and Brahms.


We reach the midway point in our celebration of music for violin with virtuoso fiddle music by Paganini, Sarasate, Kreisler and other violinist/composers.


The Russians are coming!  On our fourth program featuring music for the violin, you'll hear compositions by Prokofiev, Stravinsky and, of course, Tchaikovsky.


We wrap up our series focusing on the violin with musical chestnuts for the instrument by Mozart, Franck, Dvorak and others.