Intimate Guitar




The Intimate Guitar
with Jim McCutcheon
Saturdays @ 6pm and
Sundays @ 9am

The Intimate Guitar is Jim McCutcheon's weekly celebration of "the instrument held closest to the heart." Jim presents selections from a vast library of music and artists from around the world for the guitar in both solo and chamber settings. At the end of each program, Jim offers a bit of "dessert" - artistic, non-classical performances including jazz, fingerstyle and other fretted instruments.

The programs below are listed according to their initial broadcast dates on Saturday evening. The same programs will be repeated on Sunday morning.


This week's program features The Lute Quartet of Milano, the Presti/Lagoya Duo, and various flamenco artists.


This week's program features Juan Martin, Trio con Brio, Alexandra Christodimou and the Yannis Petridis Duo.


This week's program features Duo Cordes et Ames (Duo Strings and Souls for violin and guitar) as well as French soloist Olivier Pelmoine.


This week's program features Duo Erato, Italian soloist Flavio Cucchi, and Brazilian guitarist Marco Periera.