Saturdays @ 10PM

Fiesta! is devoted to Latino concert music and presents artistically significant compositions from Latin America, Spain and Portugal to listeners. The creative force behind this series is Elbio Barilari, an acclaimed composer, musician, performer and professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Uruguayan-born Barilari says, "Fiesta! features the hottest Latin-American music from the 16th to the 21st centuries."


A Nineteenth Century Genius:  Born a citizen of the Portuguese Empire, Jose Mauricio de Nunez Garcia was a progressive priest with advanced democratic ideas and was a fantastic composer.  He is considered a hero among the artists and intellectuals involved in the South American independence.


Epic Masterpieces:  This week features some favorite long form orchestral pieces that take listeners on an epic journey into the music of Latin America.


The Fiesta Time Machine:  Fiesta goes back in time to present some of the best Latin American classical music from different eras.  We will feature music from the Colonial, Romantic and Contemporary eras of classical music and see how they all tie together.


Flamenco Music:  Spanish flamenco music blends influences from such diverse backgrounds as India, the Arab world and the gypsies.  In this hour we feature the many paths of flamenco from the pop world to the concert hall.


Spanish Music and Visual Arts:  Spanish composers seem to have a strong predilection for the visual arts.  One would say this is not surprising in a country that gave us Diego Velazquez, Goya and Picasso among many other first rate artists.


Easter 2017:  Latin America has developed its own strong Easter musical traditions.  Fiesta visits this deep well of pieces and songs from different latitudes.  The program features colonial music from South America as well as Spain.


Twentieth Century Masters:  Latin America has long history of concert music that started in the sixteenth century.  However, it is possible to say that the twentieth has been THE century of Latin American music.  Many of the most intense and valuable musical works of the past century have been written by composers such as Manuel Ponce, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Carlos Chavez, Silvestre Revueltas, Astor Piazzolla and Leo Brouwer, among others.


Latin American Composers You Should Know:  Heitor Villa-Lobos, Carlos Chavez and Alberto Ginastera are the figureheads at the prow of the Latin American music ship.  On this episode of Fiesta we go beyond those giants and feature other Latin American composers that you should know.


Music of the Night:  Nocturnes and other music dedicated to the night have been present in the repertoire throughout history.  Latin American and Spanish composers from all eras sang to the mystery of these magical hours.


Bang the Drum - Latin American Percussion Music:  The birth of "classical" percussion music has a name and a date: Amadeo Roldan, 1930.  The seminal Ritmicas by this Cuban pioneer inspired Edgar Varese to write his famous Ionization and a whole new musical field was born.  Fiesta presents Latin American percussion pieces and works featuring percussion instruments in a prominent role.


A Visit to Mexico:  For thousands of years, Mexico has been at the forefront of civilization and music in the Americas.  This excursion south of the border will feature music from the seventeenth to the twenty-first centuries.


A Living Tradition - Baroque Music from Bolivia:  While European Baroque music and composers were falling out of fashion and new musical trends came in place, in a remote corner of Bolivia those traditions never died.  Listen to original Baroque music written by Bolivian composers while Elbio Barilari interviews musicologist Father Piotr Nawrot, one of the custodians of these extraordinary cultural inheritances.


Brazilian Guitar:  From choro to bossa nova and everything in between, included the amazing guitar music composed by Heitor Villa-Lobos, Brazil has developed one of the strongest traditions related to this instrument.