Saturdays @ 6PM

Fiesta! is devoted to Latino concert music and presents artistically significant compositions from Latin America, Spain and Portugal to listeners. The creative force behind this series is Elbio Barilari, an acclaimed composer, musician, performer and professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Uruguayan-born Barilari says, "Fiesta! features the hottest Latin-American music from the 16th to the 21st centuries."


The Magical Palette of Edino Krieger
Outside his native Brazil, Edino Krieger is mostly known for his substantial work for the piano, but he was also a very imaginative orchestrator.  This program will feature pieces such as Ludus Symphonicus (1965), Canticum (1972) and Estro Armonico (1975).


Sephardic Music
In 1492, after being exiled from Spain, Sephardic communities blended their music traditions wherever they settled. Starting with a song in ancient Hebrew, this program tours the world of Sephardic music. Ladino songs with Turkish rhythm, Greek melodies with Ladino words and we end in Uruguay with a violin concerto composed by Sephardic composer Leon Biriotti.


The Classical Side of Astor Piazzolla
Astor Piazzolla was the person that, among many other accomplishments, put tango in the concert hall.  In this program, we visit some of the pieces he originally wrote for chamber ensembles and a symphonic orchestra.


An Imaginary Concert
Imagine for a second that you go to the concert hall and instead of the customary Leonore Overture No. 3 by Beethoven, a piano concerto by Mozart and a symphony by Brahms they play some colorful and vibrant pieces you never heard. Exciting! Right?  This program features, as in a traditional symphonic concert, an exquisite and vibrant overture, a full-scale violin concerto, a monumental symphony… and even a delightful encore! The composers are Brazilian Edino Krieger, Bolivian Alberto Villalpando and Mexican Blas Galindo.


Leo Brouwer Once Again
Fiesta! will visit once more the work of the most important Latin American living composer, Cuban Leo Brouwer. We will present his rarely heard concerto for guitar and chamber orchestra (featuring guitar player John Williams) as well as his delightful take of the music of The Beatles.


Music of the Pacific
Ten Latin American countries are bathed by the Pacific Ocean. In this program we are starting with the two southernmost among these nations: Peru and Chile.


A Brazilian Romantic Giant: Alberto Nepomuceno
Alberto Nepomuceno was a dominant figure of Brazilian music in the second part of the 19th century and into the 20th century until the arrival of Villa-Lobos. In this program we will feature a wide variety of pieces by this composer who is the link between the classical, romantic and post-romantic periods in his country.