Early Music Now
Sundays @ 4pm

Early Music Now is a one-hour program showcasing music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and early Baroque: from sonorous medieval chant and polyphony to delightful renaissance madrigals, dances, and consort music to magnificent baroque cantatas and keyboard music. Host Sara Schneider brings knowledge, charm, and passion to her presentation of seven hundred years of music history. From the latest recordings by today’s vibrant young ensembles, to classics from the dawn of the early music revival, Early Music Now makes this repertoire accessible and enjoyable to a wide audience.


Pope Marcellus' Mass:  Palestrina's Missa Papae Marcelli is known for its connection to the Council of Trent and the election of Pope Marcellus II, though it may have been written several years before the council met. We'll hear a splendid performance of this cornerstone of sacred music featuring New York Polyphony from their 2016 release Roma Aeterna.


Dowland and Company:  John Dowland is the focus of this week's show that focuses on his life, work, travels and influence. We'll hear lute songs and dances by Dowland performed by Emma Kirkby, Michael Slattery and La Nef, plus music by some of Dowland's colleagues at the court of King Christian IV of Denmark, featuring Hamburger Ratsmusik.


Name That Instrument:  Are you conversant with crumhorns? Know a sackbut from a shawm? Join host Sara Schneider for a survey of some of the more unusual members of the early music instrumentarium. We'll get to know the viola da gamba, psaltery, lute, and claviorganum, plus a whole slew of wind instruments.  Included are spoken introductions by one of the groundbreakers of the early music revival, David Munrow, from a 1969 recording.


Highlights from La Pellegrina:  Everyone loves a royal wedding! In 1589, Grand Duke Ferdinando de' Medici married Christine of Lorraine. The festivities went on for weeks, and included a lavish entertainment called La Pellegrina.  We'll hear highlights from this spectacular work for singers and instrumentalists, including music by Emilio de' Cavalieri and Jacopo Peri. The Huelgas Ensemble performs.


El Nuevo Mundo:  This week's show delves into early music from the new world, including masterworks of Mexican polyphony performed by the Westminster Cathedral Choir, and a new release of music from the Trujillo Manuscript (Peru) featuring Hesperion XXI, directed by Jordi Savall.


Distant Love - Songs of the Troubadours:  This episode takes us into the world of chivalry and courtly love with songs of the troubadours: poet-composers who lived and worked between 1100-1350. We'll hear songs of love and death performed by Paul Hillier, Ensemble Leones, and Heliotrope. Also included is a song by a trobairitz, or female troubadour, the text of which will resonate with anyone who has ever been dumped for no apparent reason!